We're TUT-ALLY Delicious!

The Challenge

Tut’s Egyptian Eatery, a new restaurant featuring Egyptian cuisine, was introducing an entirely unfamiliar cuisine to Malaysia. They wanted to distinguish themselves as Egyptian, not just another Middle Eastern eatery, and to attract the public to try their fun and modern take on this concept.

The Solution

We devised a fun and cheerful integrated approach in their branding and communication, using attractive and stylish colours and designs based on popular ancient Egyptian cultural icons (hieroglyphics, royalty, mummies, etc.). It was modern yet also distinctively Egyptian, bringing their brand up to the standards of other restaurants while also highlighting their unique quality. This approach covered the entirety of their launch, the design concept of their restaurant (and menus, uniforms, and communications), and beyond through social media.

The Result

Tut’s Egyptian Eatery enjoys good business, and its unique visual identity helps it stand out from the competition.