Volcano Foam Men Expert

The Challenge

Our client wanted to launch a 2nd repush campaign for their product "Volcano Foam Men Expert". The main shout out for this product highlights one of the ingredients i.e."Powered by volcano minerals". At the same time, their Men Expert line was running a campaign titled "Break The Rules" and this needed to be the main message featured in all POSM. Ultimately, they wanted an eye-catching shelf display unit that could stand out from all their competitors' materials

The Solution

We know that a volcano is quite an alarming thing to see, hence, we capitalised on this factor by using a Volcano element - in 3D format nonetheless! - as a means to stand out from the crowd, capture people's attention and add a unique element of interactivity. People just couldn't keep their hands off the display! This bold visual concept was carried through dramatically on POSM items such as the Corrugated Display Standee, Gondola End and Wobbler.