Casio Back to School Campaign 2022

Tick Tock! School’s In!

The Challenge

As school holidays came to an end, it was that depressing time for students to get back to school. So, Casio decided to brighten up their return by reintroducing a new variety of Scientific Calculators. Casio didn’t just want students to know where to get these new calculators – they wanted them to know how to make sure they got the real deal. We were also tasked to generate awareness on the MS-Series and Classwiz Series calculators.

The Solution

We decided to reintroduce Casio Scientific Calculators with a launch video, followed by engaging content which included product USPs and sales and promotion material. To elevate the results, we engaged a macro social media influencer to produce a short educational video content. CPAS was also a part of this campaign in order to generate sales.

The Result

Supported with media buy, the content reached out to more than 321,000 students and parents nationwide with sales amounting to RM2,300++ over a month period. Needless to say, we calculated a high rate of success!