The Ice Cream Empire

The Challenge

With a range of five Europe an-inspired flavours dubbed "The Ice Cream Empire", Jwel is a chocolate-coated ice cream new to the Malaysian market. The client sought to introduce the product, and drive trial and purchase amongst its Gen Y target audience. However, this challenger product has a limited budget, ruling out a big media buy. The client had planned a series of sampling roadshows at malls, hypermarkets and colleges, and the agency's task is to generate as much conversation about the product on social media.

The Solution

Based on the product’s "royal" theme, we created a campaign inspired by HBO's popular Game of Thrones series and the Indulgence Enthroned campaign was born. A series of POSM including buntings, posters, stickers and refrigerators featured five elegantly dressed models sitting on a chocolate throne of indulgence. Next, a functional life-sized throne made of fibreglass was fabricated and taken on roadshows at malls, hypermarkets, and colleges. The Jwel Throne found favour with the public, enticing many to sit, shoot and hashtag, resulting in thousands of shared images on social media. Finally, a content plan on Facebook and Instagram, coupled with a microsite for fans to crown the flavour of their choice was created to drive word of mouth. The campaign generated sales that surpassed the client's expectation. In just three months, Jwel achieved 50% the entire year's sales volume projection of RM 1 million.

The Result