Sunway the Good Run


The Challenge

The Sunway Group creates healthy, sustainable communities and living spaces by promoting sustainable practices to meet Sustainable Development Goals. In order to engage the community and involve them in these endeavours, the group created Sunway The Good Run. Through the event, Sunway the Good Run would promote Sunway City as a One-Stop Amazing City that encompasses education, health, lifestyle and more, while at the same time communicating the good values of sustainability.

The Solution

Our solution was to create an immersive 3-dimensional experience in sustainability through the pillars of “Learn”, “Explore” and “Commit”. The running event was in itself an experiential learning in sustainability with the elimination of single-use plastic packaging in the running t-shirts, bibs and medals, while disposable cups were eliminated from water stations through the “Bring Your Own Bottle” initiative. Single use plastics were also minimized for crew meals, while the entire event utilize more reusable, recycled and upcycled buildup materials. The race carnival area included many engagement activities to inspire and encourage participants towards green living.

The Result

The run was a success, attracting 7000 happy and satisfied runners. Participants left many positive feedback on Sunway The Good Run’s social media channels with comments such as, “well organized and a good way to show the neighbourhood facilities”, “I love this well organize event, especially the environmentally friendly theme”, “will definitely will join again in the coming year”, “Safe environment and no rubbish at all from starting until the end. Congrats organizer & team. I give you 5 stars.” And more.