Petronas Syntium


The Challenge

Petronas Syntium’s core proposition has always been about engine cooling. Modern engines along with modern driving conditions make it imperative to reduce engine heating. With a new global direction of “Keep Your Inner Cool”, the brand sought to connect this insight with what humans experience – we perform our best when we keep our inner cool. The challenge now is to communicate it to its dealers.

an event to launch the campaign and
also to educate the dealers about
excessive heat.

The Solution

To kickstart the campaign, a dealer engagement event is organized at the Sepang International Circuit. To demonstrate the tenets of “Keep Your Inner Cool”, the event highlight is a track experience on the circuit to heat things up. Dealers were taken around Sepang’s track by professional race car drivers at breakneck speeds of 150mph that sent hearts pumping and blood pressures rising. After returning from the adrenaline rush, we demonstrated “Keep Your Inner Cool” by leading them through a cooling tunnel and serving them a nice cold ice cream.

The event also featured a product launch, a panel discussion and fun activities that further bolster the “Keep Your Inner Cool” message.

The Result

The event delivered an unforgettable experience for 400 participants. Dealers left knowing and understanding the meaning of “Keep Your Inner Cool”. Overall, it was a successful launch with happy clients and participants.