Panasonic OLED Roadshow 2019


The Challenge

TV and AV systems are extremely challenging market. With so many brands and very little differentiation, consumers make their decision based on nothing more than how they feel about the product or the brand. With the aggressiveness of Korean and Chinese brands, we needed to cut through the clutter and establish a strong proposition for Panasonic.

The Solution

Our solution - the OLED Box Office campaign. The idea is to let the product speak for itself, through a cinematic experience, literally. To deliver the experience, a roadshow was created. Its main feature is a cluster of 4 unique mini cinema halls to display the products – a cinema setting, a casual setting, a living room setting and a bedroom setting. To complete the experience, visitors were treated to popcorn from a popcorn stand.

A smaller display for Panasonic’s audio range was also incorporated into the show. The Party Anywhere display showcased the full range of products.

The Result

The campaign was successful attracting many visitors to the roadshows, which were executed at popular malls. The campaign generated stories and mentions on social media and also positive consumer feedback.