OldTown White Coffee

The Challenge

Old Town Coffee is an iconic chain in Malaysia which has been around since 1999. They already had an app but unfortunately it was not drawing enough engagement from their target audience. So they hired us to revamp the app for them and asked us to include features that would encourage their target audience engage more with the app, and attract new users at the same time.

The Solution

We revamped the app with stylish icons and an interface that is intuitive and user-friendly. To make sure absolutely everyone can use it, we made it available for every single OS platform from iOS, Android to Windows, Blackberry and Bada (Samsung). We included two new prominent features amongst many others; “GrubIt” and “Whiff of Aroma”. Whiff of Aroma is an engaging interactive feature where users stir and swipe a virtual cup of coffee to release signature Old Town aroma and win a free cup of coffee. GrubIt is a feature that the consumers can use to redeem vouchers and be alerted of new promotions and offers from Old Town Coffee. We also included their entire menu in the app, and make sure it doesn’t use too much data to load!

The Result