The Challenge

F&N Bites and Bites Nutmania is an ice cream coated with chocolate peanuts (bites nutmania) / almonds (bites). It is similar to Magnum/Nestle Trophy in the market and retails for RM2.00 a stick. Mantra was entrusted with creating a campaign to increase awareness on the product and promote them for provision stores and mini markets.

The Solution

In line with the products classification of one that provided "EXUBERANCE", we came up with the idea of ‘Go Nuts!' i.e. urging the consumer to just put aside any inhibitions and live their wildest dreams…a.k.a. going nuts! The campaign imagery worked on the premise of intended audience' carefree spirit, enthusiasm for life and their delightful, childlike glee. Through various visuals, we promoted vibrancy, playfulness and spontaneity…key aspects aimed at endearing the brand to consumers.