King's Ice Cream Tub Relaunch

The Challenge

King's tub 1.2L ice cream is a basic flavour that the client classifies as a companionship product - i.e. the consumer buys and consumes it as it is. In line with the revamping of their packaging tub and design, our client wanted a relaunch campaign - in particular, one that showed consumers that there are many ways to enjoy the many flavours in the King's tub 1.2L ice cream range.

The Solution

Knowing that people spend a lot of time in front of the fridge wondering that to eat, Mantra came up with the idea of a Recipe booklet - in the form of a fridge magnet - that featured whimsically creative recipes using King's tub 1.2L ice cream as the main ingredient and even took the idea online in the form of a contest that invited consumers to share their creative recipes with King's. Not only that, the recipe book also featured two unique recipes prepared by celebrity chef, Dato' Chef Fazley - and invited consumers to join Dato' Chef Fazley in a special cooking workshop to watch him work his magic and try the recipes themselves!