EO Food Hunt


The Challenge

The Entrepreneur’s Organization, made up of a membership of entrepreneurs and business founders, conducts a yearly inter-forum game for its members. The objective of the inter-forum game is to foster networking, promote teamwork and a time of bonding amongst the forums which were the small groups in which the members were placed. We were tasked with the challenge of proposing a game idea that is fresh, fun yet competitive to create opportunity for networking and bonding.

The Solution

Mantra proposed “THE GREAT CHOWDOWN”, a food hunt race. The event was held on 4th May 2019 with 200 participants, hungry for food and success. Participants were sent by forums to checkpoints at popular foodie haunts around the Klang Valley. The race consisted 10 checkpoints with 10 different missions, and members had to prepare, purchase, eat and even sell food. With every mission completed, forums were given clues to solve to find the next checkpoint.

The Result

In order to win, the forums had to work closely and were stuck with each other for 4 hours. This created a great bonding experience even as members explored food around Klang Valley. The event was a success with very happy and satisfied participants. “Amazing discovery of the best food in town”, “Well communicated and executed from start to finish”, “Great effort by the organizers”, were some of the comments we received. The event was voted a 9.6 out of 10, one of the highest ever rated for an inter-forum game in EO Malaysia.