Don't Ignore The Pain

The Challenge

Gleneagles Orthopaedics wanted to drive more people to seek treatment at their orthopaedic centres. The problem was that a majority of people do not go to hospital or clinics to seek treatment for orthopaedic problems. They usually go to general practitioners or seek alternative and traditional medicine.The field of orthopaedics is also not widely known to patients in general.

The Solution

The campaign theme took on a simple and clear approach by addressing a problem that most people experience – pain. Our communication focused on this idea: Pain is a notification from our body that somewhere, something is wrong. Hence our campaign tagline, “ Don't Ignore The Pain” was born.

The visuals we developed featured talents with common pain areas, with a pain notification box meant to mimic the various social media notifications that we receive on our smart devices daily. The campaign aimed to tackle the problem of ignoring pain through these easily recognisable notification icons.

The Result