ClearTouch Air Garment Steamer

The Challenge

Philips was launching their new ClearTouch Air Garment steamer and wanted to communicate that it was an essential home appliance. Based on its function of garment care, the challenge was finding a way to get its functions across in an attractive and accurate fashion.

The Solution

To communicate its importance, we targeted consumers who cared for their wardrobe and positioned the product as the ideal garment care tool for delicate clothing. To do this, we created an evocative key visual that was expressed in print as well as the store display: “Get Steamy”. This was complemented by the iconic Marilyn Monroe-esque billowing dress design, with the blowing effect achieved by a fan-powered base from below.

The Result

The strong visual of a glamorous icon helped to sell the message while highlighting the steamer’s functions, importance, and features at first sight.