Plenitude Hotels Festive Campaign

Checking in to a World of Festivities.

The Challenge

Plenitude Berhad encompasses hotel properties ranging from international hospitality brands of AccorHotels, Oakwood Worldwide, and Travelodge Hotels Asia, to home-grown brand and two residences. Not too long after Plenitude Hotels’ social media account was created, we were given a brief to develop a 3-month campaign to promote the seven hotels under the group. Our challenge was to drive audience to booking sites (official websites and WhatsApp) and to capture Malaysians who are looking to travel domestically especially in the month of December 2021 to April 2022 where COVID cases were on the rise.

The Solution

We wanted people to feel that they were still able to travel in a relaxed state especially during the times of Covid. Therefore, we focused on the theme “Carefree” for our campaign. All contents were focused on Plenitude Hotels offering carefree travelling solutions and promotions to potential customers.

The Result

Plenitude Hotels successfully garnered a booking value of RM138,959.89 throughout the campaign. Now that’s a reason to be festive, alright!