The Challenge

Our client wanted to promote Green Construction in Timber through a creative backdrop and photo booth/display at their booth in the Annual ARCHIDEX 2013 showcase. Among the objectives of the backdrop was to break the stereotype that cutting down trees is bad and inform the public that supervised, selected deforestation should be implemented to help lessen carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. They also wanted to educate the public on the sustainability and flexibility of timber and the many reasons why it was a sustainable building material. All this scientific a manner that appeals and captivates.

The Solution

One of the best ways to convey a message is to make the message appealing and easy to understand. To that end, we created an interesting infographic with quirky characters and imagery that would make reading the information fun and engaging. Not only that, we also utilised the backdrop space creatively to allow our infographic complete freedom which resulted in maximum exposure. Further adding to the appeal of the booth decor was the use of stickers that portrayed wood patterns as part of the background.

Needless to say, booth visitors received quite an interesting eyeful during the event.