2nd Phase Launch Campaign

The Challenge

King's Grand is a range of ice cream that offers more sophisticated flavors than other ice cream brands available in the market. It's is also a more expensively priced than other normal King's ice cream products as Grand target the upper scale market. The previous campaign was built on a direction of ‘indulgence'. In this task, agency has to create continuality from the first campaign as an effort of continuous brand building to increase brand awareness. This time around, we want to grow the idea of indulgence in the previous “Ain't Life Grand” campaign into ‘togetherness' in the King's Whell of Happiness.

The Solution

Leveraging on the big idea of “Ain't life Grand”, the direction of this campaign highlights that every little accomplishment in life is worthy of a celebration. In the headline of the ads, the copy highlights little achievements or tasks completed in everyday situations. These acts are featured as an {award-wnning move” featured as an actual feat worthy of a reward.