We navigate your brand through the digital space, where the consumer is logged on, engaged, and ready to respond.

The digital space is spreading into every facet of our lives at an exponential rate, changing the way we work, learn and play. At Mantra, we help clients create meaningful human connections that facilitate interaction between businesses and individuals. We couple our understanding of what drives consumers with our dexterity in digital to craft campaigns that compel. These include websites and apps, social media management, influencer engagement and more. We do these in unison with the activities we plan for your brand on-ground or in-store, creating a holistic experience for your customers.

  • Philips Sonicare

    The client Philips Sonicare was launching a new electrical toothbrush called "DIAMOND CLEAN." We were tasked to create the launchi...

  • We're TUT-ALLY Delicious!

    Tut’s Egyptian Eatery, a new restaurant featuring Egyptian cuisine, was introducing an entirely unfamiliar cuisine to Malaysia. ...

  • OldTown White Coffee

    Old Town Coffee is an iconic chain in Malaysia which has been around since 1999. They already had an app but unfortunately it was ...